Zombies 2D

Here you can find the first videogame I have ever done! I did everything you can find inside it: programming, pixel art, animation, music, sound effect, concept.

More than a videogame I would call it a “playable demo”, but I am happy enough with the result. It required me about two months of “night time” work in order to create it. During this time I had also to learn how to create all the stuff. In fact, before than this, I have never created pixel art, or never used Godot Engine. I admit I have some experience in Unity 3D and Blender coming from my M.Sc., but that’s it.


In order to create this playable demo I used the following tools:

  • Aseprite: a really cool software to create and animate pixel art.
  • Reaper: in my opinion the best and more flexible DAW, it is also really cheap.
  • Godot Engine: a lightweight but still powerful engine, that uses GDScript language that is similar to Python.

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