Windows 10 keyboard layout for Italian developers

I will keep it short. Being an Italian developer, the first problems arise when you start typing. In fact, the Italian keyboard layout lacks of some important characters: ` and ~ .

Do it yourself with MSKLC

How can you solve that? You can download from the Microsoft website the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator, install and open it. Then, load you current layout by pressing “File” -> “Load Existing Keyboard…” and selecting “Italiano”. Now you can edit the layout as you prefer, and then use “Project” -> “Build DLL and Setup Package” to export it as an installer. Then, open the target directory, and run the file setup.exe. Simple as that.

Download the layout

If you are lazy and if you trust me, I prepared for you an Italian layout containing the following shortcuts:

  • ~ (AltGr + ì)
  • ` (AltGr + ')
  • À (AltGr + Shift + a)
  • È (AltGr + Shift + e)
  • Ì (AltGr + Shift + i)
  • Ù (AltGr + Shift + u)
  • Ò (AltGr + Shift + o)

Before installing the layout, please consider checking the file or the URL with VirtusTotal for your own safety.


That was a short post, but I hope that was useful for some of you. Write on the comments if you have another way, or if you faced some problems following this tutorial.

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